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Artist statement

I see myself as a modern romanticist. I like to work with the ideas of the borders of the human existence; I dream and long about things man can not do. It stirs up a certain playfulness to me. This fascination is fed by myths and sagas, stories in which fantasy knows no boundaries.

I use my camera to search for these authentically unrealistic dreams. Those who try to fulfill these dreams are my biggest inspiration. The reach for the unreachable, as the unrealized possibility gives wings. By making the desire tactile and visual I try to get a grip on the elusive.


Graduated in 2016 as a documentary photographer at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Shortlisted for the Anamorphosis Prize with “It’s beautiful when it flies’,

Book is part of the MoMa Library NY.

Shortlisted for PHOTOBOOK AWARD AND SHOW MARIBOR 2016, Slovenia and special mention.

Part of the Book Club #7 hosted by Rob Hornstra & Fotodok, with “It’s beautiful when it flies”, October 2016

Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grand 2019

Lovely review at Collector Daily

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